Fountain Court Chambers // Cyberfraud film

Very much in the ‘magic circle’, Fountain Court Chambers is one of the most prestigious and successful sets of barristers in the country. And as the set continues to grow and innovate, they’re still breaking new ground and showing what is possible for a commercially focussed and truly confident 21st Century chambers.

We’ve worked closely with Fountain Court for nearly a decade. And so when they came to us wanting to promote themselves to their clients as the go-to set for Cyberfraud cases to litigation partners in private practice and beyond, we were quick to suggest a video which allowed individual barristers to highlight their own experiences in the area; in a bold move, they agreed to this – we believe it is the first time a top set has promoted itself through a video of its members, not least because barristers are self-employed tenants of a chambers and so sets tend to shy away from highlighting individual practitioners. However, an “extremely positive” response, including several significant instructions across the set, is proof that this is an innovation that delivers real success.


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