Fountain Court Chambers // Design

One of the UK’s longest-established and substantial sets of commercial barristers, Fountain Court Chambers are leaders in the field of commercial dispute resolution.

We’d previously worked with Fountain Court on a client research project, so when they wanted to create something tangible to help promote Fountain Court Chambers to current and potential clients, we entered into the process with an in-depth knowledge of what these audiences would want to see and how they prefer to engage with the set. We settled on something reassuringly traditional; a printed brochure. But what form should this take?

The set’s heritage and expertise guarantees unbeatable reassurance and confidence. This needed to be reflected in the impact of the brochure. Of course, when you’re an organisation recognised for being at the very top of your game, you don’t need to be excessively verbose; we suggested an approach that combined strong and striking imagery of London and Singapore (where the set is based) with straight-forward and concise copy. Using only the set’s primary colours of red and black, we designed a strong and modern brochure that reflected their confidence and excellence. We debossed the Fountain Court name on the brochure’s cover and combined it with a black foil; this subtle, understated cover underlined their belief in quality and the importance of their heritage. Rather than stapled, we chose to have the document stitched. When you’ve got long-established and hard won standards of excellence, even the smallest things can matter.

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