Jerome Merchant + Partners // Brand Identity

The Indian legal market is changing rapidly. And buoyed by economic growth and vast sums of domestic and foreign investment, the demand for first-rate lawyers is higher than ever. Jerome Merchant + Partners is a new breed of Indian law firm that embodies this changes and is geared towards this new era of Indian commerce.

The partners approached us to create a new brand identity for the firm, which would demonstrate its position at the vanguard of the field. We conducted a series of in-depth discovery sessions to better understand the firm’s unique characteristics, but we also had to really get to grips with the emerging cultural and geopolitical codes of what it means to be a successful private practice in India.

From our research, it was clear that the identity needed to reconcile a complex tension: how to best express a quietly confident partnership within an extraordinarily dynamic market.

We developed a visual identity that expresses, then reconciles, opposing forces. Chaotic bursts of colour are pared with monochrome geometry. Vibrant gradients bleed discretely into pristine white pages.  Bold, modern typography is tempered with elegant forms. The brand feels kinetic. But polite, confident and assured, too. A progressive business, but one that’s thoroughly rooted in the traditional hallmarks of the highest levels of quality.

A careful introduction to the market was essential, too: too brash and it could alienate clients used to a conservative approach; too meek and it would defeat our purpose. In our launch communications, we devised messaging to help the partners bridge this divide and make the most of the opportunity.

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