Phi Finney McDonald // Brand Identity

Founded by three of Australia’s top litigators, Phi Finney McDonald is a boutique law firm based in Melbourne. Its founding partners built extremely strong practices at one of the world’s most well-known plaintiff litigation firms, becoming the firm’s leaders in the class action space. But they had a vision for a new, highly-focused firm that would unite their talents and be driven by their shared ethos. We worked with them to make that vision a reality.

We started by helping the partners define and clarify the brand’s role in the world and the objectives they sought to achieve by setting out on this journey together. We also identified the propositions that would make real connections and concentrated on distilling shared values and purpose into a compelling narrative.

For the creative treatment, we focused on the idea of strength in numbers, the figurative expression of class action. The power of one becoming many, a shared purpose and goal that unites a group in order to achieve something revolutionary. It’s also an interesting and provocative contradiction, as we were working with leading individuals who had left a firm with tremendous size and scale.

The logotype took its cue from the multiply sign which joins each founder name in subscript: individuals that are exponentially stronger collectively. We activated that proposition for clients with a positioning statement that puts the reader at the heart of that benefit – ‘to the power of you’. We then set about developing a visual brand that drew upon the mathematical symbols and graphic treatments, making reference to the potential class action litigation has to magnify the power of many individuals together into one strong force. We reinforced this theme with a central gradient, a rich indigo fading to black.

Launching with a series of bold expressions, including elegantly-crafted stationery and a responsive website,  we helped craft the narrative that would communicate the firm’s unique perspective to the media and other stakeholders, helping attract attention and make a confident entrance into the market.

Branding Process, logo design for law firm

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