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For nearly a decade, we’ve been tackling big branding and communications challenges in the legal sector for some of the most established firms in the world. However, we relish the opportunity to work with leading lights in the leading industry from the very inception of new and exciting businesses. Three Crowns was one such project.

It’s a brand that challenges its competitive arena. Unencumbered by ‘big law’ politics and protocols of it exist to provide an unmatched quality of advocacy in international arbitration, delivered by some of the world’s most compelling and perceptive legal minds. Its founders have tackled the most complex cases in history, at the highest level, bringing together a multi-jurisdictional and multi-lingual team that can conduct effective advocacy in any industry under any major system of law, in any of the major procedural languages.

Our first step was to help the partners clarify and define their brand goals. Then naming, brand development and protection and day-to-day delivery of the brand. The name came from the fact that the founding partners were all given cufflinks after their first arbitration with three crowns on them, this became their custom and consequently the defining factor behind the brand.

We then helped the team define a world-class identity and all of the branded assets required for launch. The start-up nature of the project meant that we had a short, intensive project scope to work to, and the challenge of gaining insight, feedback and agreement across many territories and a number of languages.

The brand needed to feel international and premium but also practical across all of their collateral.Their website needed to continue the premium feel whilst also clearly explaining the premise of the firm and their vast collective experience.

The resulting identity has met with positive praise from the founders, their clients and the trade press, and looks set to sustain the brand’s credibility, relevance and differentiation in its crucial first year.

We are currently working with them on an updated version of the site to expand their online offering.

The Three Crowns logo with construction lines The inside of a Three Crowns brochure. The Three Crowns logo with construction lines
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