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Over the past year, we have been working with one of the City’s leading corporate law firms, Travers Smith, on a comprehensive refresh of its existing brand.

Our rebrand for Travers Smith has delivered much more than a differentiating, relevant and credible new design direction. At the heart of this project is a compelling new brand strategy and positioning. Our view was that the firm’s distinctiveness stemmed from a combination of sector insight, enduring relationships and – crucially – using their technical prowess not to dazzle, but to explain: to translate the complexities of law into practical, actionable advice and provide clients with genuine commercial opportunities. We called it ‘Enterprising Thinking’. 

‘Enterprising Thinking’ is about viewing the world as an entrepreneur would, assessing risk from a commercial perspective, resisting groupthink and conventional wisdom, getting immersed in target sectors to develop passion and insight, to lead the big conversations. As such, the visual language of contemporary business communications was the most appropriate inspiration for the new identity. With a new wave of publishing platforms that weave the worlds of commerce, politics, lifestyle and technology seamlessly together, there was a great deal to be inspired by.

House typefaces were selected to reflect the graphic language of editorial design, whilst colour is delivered through a wide and expressive range of palettes; a depth and breadth that art directors in magazine publishing are well used to. We wanted to create drama and variance throughout spreads, but also the most communicative and inspiring infographics, with strong levels of visual differentiation in data, shapes and forms.

Photography plays an important role in expressing this personality. We tracked a range of visual cues from the world of current affairs, business reporting and wider commercial storytelling that capture the spirit of ‘Enterprising Thinking’. It’s all about giving the viewer a candid yet unobtrusive glimpse into the world of activity at Travers Smith and the compositions allow for spreads layered with headlines and copy, in keeping with the aesthetic of an authoritative editorial product.

And finally, there’s the new logotype.

Simplifying complexity. Building enduring value. Communicating clearly and effectively. All of these positive behaviours that are embedded in the firm’s culture influenced the thinking when it came to refreshing the logotype. It has been carefully redrawn, with precisely crafted letterforms designed to help the firm express itself more meaningfully, with confidence. An evolution of an identity that has served the firm well for many years.

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We are big fans of keeping things simple, sharp and to the point. But with personality.

David Patient // Managing Partner

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