Wiggin // Brand Development

With any brief or client, immersion and understanding is integral to great results. We relish how insight can inform and delight our thinking, and subsequent outputs. So our relationship with leading boutique law firm Wiggin over the last three years, has enabled us to deliver outstanding and ground-breaking work via our dedicated teams and integrated structure.

Our relationship began by working with the business development, marketing and communications teams to refresh the brand to support the changing needs of both clients and brand. This led to an on-going support role, with a retained design team deployed to work on all pitch and marketing collateral for the firm, which consequently developed into the integrated working model we have today.

Day-to-day, we work together with them as its outsourced BD and brand partner. We contribute to the strategy and content of every pitch that leaves the firm, and have developed class-leading bids for some of the most progressive businesses in the film, tv, music and publishing businesses.

Most recently we’ve worked closely with the management team to define firm-wide messaging to support their strategic objectives and will launch to the world via their brand-new website any day now. Alongside the new site, we’ve overhauled their print collateral from the ground up, from a process and visual point of view, and this will enable the firm to react to opportunities faster, and more effectively.

It’s been an fruitful partnership to date, Wiggin has seen a string of pitch wins of the last 12 months, and the refreshed brand and messaging firm seems set to bolster their successes in the coming months further still.

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