Wynterhill // Brand Development

Wynterhill is a brand-new law firm dedicated to acting for insurance policyholders, and just that. Founder partners, Colin Wynter QC and Stuart Hill, are recognised insurance and reinsurance specialists.

Colin is also a past winner of the ‘Insurance QC of the Year’ plaudit awarded by the Chambers & Partners Directory of the Legal Profession. Overture London worked with the founders to develop the firm’s corporate identity, designed to reflect a well-established presence and deep commitment to the industry, combined with an appetite to deliver a bold new proposition.

A partnership comprising such an impressive provenance had to be supported with an identity that felt both established yet contemporary, forging a new benchmark amongst competitors in the process. Notably, we were all keen to avoid well-worn business cliches and find new ways to express enduring propositions.

The concept of duality was our starting point, the complimentary and contrasting forces that existed at its core. The firm is new, yet more experienced than most and the partnership of barrister and lawyer is unusual. The ability to deliver the highest quality service without the associated costs is important to stress, as is the focus on details without losing sight of bigger commercial concerns. Senior engagement, but with heart and soul. All of those ideas had to be expressed visually and verbally.

The solid contemporary logotype references the coming together of two ascending partners with some careful crafting, whilst imagery uses close depth of field within wide landscapes to create a unique aesthetic. Capturing both the bigger picture and the finer points, it covers the complete package within a single frame – both micro and macro. To enhance the thinking, we created a colour palette of organic tones that are rarely applied in the legal services market. You could say our goal was differentiation without drama, and the end result is a brand that is confident yet composed, approachable yet aspirational. Above all, a brand of two halves.

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