Millie Ashworth-Hughes

Account Manager

As an Account Manager at Overture London, I help clients with their brand, their corporate and employer communications and any digital challenges they may be facing. I bring with me experience managing a variety of projects including corporate reports, employee engagement and attraction campaigns both in print and online. I am passionate about discovering and understanding what drives and attracts employees, prospective clients and businesses and how armed with the right tools and information organisations can build their brand from the inside out.

Mark Brandon

Strategy Director

I bring over 20 years of legal market experience – as a journalist, recruiter and strategy consultant – to the mix. I focus on the inter-relationships between brand, market position, business strategy and service design. Areas of particular interest include thought leadership and purpose-driven identity.

Nancy Collier

Finance Manager

I oversee our team’s invoicing, payables, month-end processing and account management. My background is in entrepreneurship having worked for over a decade as a consultant and funding manager for tech-based SMEs. My key interests are fostering start-up growth with a client focus on effective cost planning and cash flow management.

Laura Dunne


Having joined Overture as an intern, I now work with a wide selection of our clients, ensuring their brands are kept both consistent and exciting. I particularly enjoy the initial concept stages of design projects, from branding to brochures, delivering relevant and creative outcomes for the client.

Jayne Fairley

Account Director

I work with clients to broaden and develop their strategic communications, backed by my experience in corporate communications, media relations, social media and brand strategy gained largely in publishing and financial services. I love working with clients to build their brands through programmes that get the best results possible for their requirements.

Fiona Gardner

Brand Engagement Consultant

I work with clients to develop their strategic internal and external communications across various regions and in different languages. I gained my experience in corporate communications, media relations, social media and brand strategy largely in EU public affairs organisations in Brussels and professional services firms here in the UK. Strategy development and thought leadership content production are my real strong points.

Lisa McMillan

Account Manager

I’m an Account Manager at Overture London, working with our key clients on brand development, corporate communications and social media. My background covers PR and design and I enjoy the creative journey each one of our clients embarks upon. Crucially, I always concentrate on the positive outcomes that good communications can lead to.

Dragos Micu

Web Developer

I support the web development team at Overture London by delivering future-proof code to the highest standards, emphasising scalability and maintenance. I particularly enjoy working with new brands, as well as helping to build unique and brand consistent solutions. I work with our clients to ensure all websites are easy to maintain and update while keeping a close eye on the site’s speed and browser support.

Rik Moran

Creative Director - US

I balance my time between developing concepts with the agency’s studio and delivering strategic brand thinking and creative implementation for clients, who are chiefly in the media, professional services and luxury brand sectors.

Graham Ormiston

Digital Lead

I head up the digital team at Overture London, working across multiple channels including web, media and digital marketing. I have almost a decade of studio experience including work for B2B, B2C and NGOs, spanning websites and applications, film and broadcast television, marketing and product design.

John Ringer

Communications Consultant

I am experienced in communications across a broad range of sectors, from care to broadcasting to professional services. My work has included pro-active corporate communications as well as crisis and acute issues management. In addition, I have a strong public affairs background, allowing me to work with confidence on public policy issues.

Oliver Scott


I concentrate on the strategy and delivery of the agency’s PR, branding and strategic communications work, particularly with our legal clients and other professional services organisations. I’m currently working on three major research projects with board-level stakeholders and I'm heavily involved with our media training work, too.

Julia Swift

Account Manager

I work with clients on their brand development and corporate communications, with a particular focus on research, brand messaging and verbal identity. Having worked in both business media and government policy, I really thrive on researching and getting to grips with the issues clients and their wider industries face. I believe a thorough understanding of clients’ drivers and the markets they operate in is the building block for all great communications.

Gaby Terpougoff

Senior Designer

I am a versatile designer with a passion for knowledge and beauty. I have an eye for colour, texture, and functionality, which allows me to create unique, brand-aligned communications. My goal is to bring an engaging and memorable experience to the audience. I thrive in a collaborative environment, which brings consideration and empathy to each project.

Jamie White


I concentrate on leading our international branding projects and have worked with some of the world's leading corporate and professional services businesses, from leading law firms, consulting practices and international banks to private equity, insurance firms and fund managers. I also try to combine our branding work with the latest thinking in strategic communications, with a big focus on leadership communications, media relations and corporate reputation management.