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Most of the time, our law firm clients come to us with problems that can be solved by a project, but life isn’t that simple.

Sometimes, the answer is a person.

Using agile working, flexible resourcing and outsourcing can also help ensure that a firm is only paying for the people they need, when they need them.

It might be around getting great people working around your existing teams to get things done, quickly and brilliantly. It could be some extra support on a pitch that you have to win. Or it could be that you need someone to fill a role that is best served by a part-time resource.

Either way, that’s why we developed our on-demand services, tactical support for progressive law firms that crave some fresh ideas.

Since we launched, we’re supported some of the UK’s top firms using flexible resourcing, from fully-insourced PR teams and tactical BD management across key sectors, right through to firm-wide client development programmes and interim brand and communications leadership at board-level.

We handle all the business-services disciplines you’d expect, including business development, client services, marketing, PR and digital, plus a few that might come as a surprise like internal communications, commercial strategy and operational design.

Either way, you can count on us to understand the market challenges in legal services. But you’ll also find us practical and pragmatic when it comes to helping teams with the day-to-day.

We’re here to give you what you need, when you need it, for as long as it makes a big difference.

That’s Overture, on-demand.

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